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A photo of Sharon Ryan

Sharon Ryan

Sharon Ryan is a “late blooming” artist who photographs flowers. She lives in Carlisle with her dog, Ted, the namesake for Ted‘s collection, a free monthly greeting card sent to anyone who wants to be in the “Ted Club.” Artist Bio The intricate details emerging from a blooming flower are fascinating to me. Flowers have stopped me in my tracks too many times to count. That person on the sidewalk transfixed by an azalea is me. In 2018, when I […]

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Photo of artist Kathleen Veley

Kathleen Veley

I have been drawing and painting since I was a very young girl. I used to make grids and practice drawing Garfield comics on them when I was in the 3rd grade. Art was always my favorite “special” class at school and hobby when I was home. I studied art all through high school, winning a “Best of Show” award for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo school art competition. I went on to study Painting at Texas Tech University […]

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Harry Spilker with a camera

Harry Spilker

Harry has always been a self-motivated artist, drawing with markers, colored pencils, and other media by himself as a child. When he was in high school, at Camp Hill, he borrowed his dad’s cell phone and stepped out into the courtyard to take pictures. After that, he began taking photos regularly, and his art teacher, April Tichenor, nurtured his interest in painting and photography. How does your medium inform your viewpoint? What do you like most about your medium? I […]

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photo of Julie Riker

Julie Riker

My name is Julie Riker. I have been interested in creating art since I was a kid. Art class was always my favorite and I credit my CV art teacher Selby Doughty for encouraging me to pursue it as a career. I studied Illustration at the University of the Arts. It was a fabulous curriculum of fundamentals – drawing, color theory, copying old master techniques. As an Illustration major we explored many mediums, but I always liked oils best. How […]

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